Will Hamilton

Owner of Impulse

Age Role Status Whereabouts
50 Solo / Fixer Alive Night City


Used to be a gun for hire back in the day and a goddammed good one, and was smart enought to put some money away while he was active. Eventually was able to buy a bar, put the guns away and enjoy his retirement.

Most people sees him as this weird old man that just owns a bar. But he is very well connected and knows quite a bit about corporate security, weapons and explosives. Is one of those people that keeps constant eye contact when you speak to him. He doesn’t speak much but actually try to keep things short and to the point.

He has visible scars all over his neck and arms. And he wears old cyberware probably first or second generation, that look like taken from a sci-fi movie.

Arrangement with Morpheus

He met Morpheus through a shared contact when he escaped to Night City. He gets 30% of any deals closed at Impulse (or remotely related to) and in return he provides:

Permanent accomodation in a room above the bar for Morpheus and Stanley.
A private and secure environment to conduct business in.
The deal doesn’t include exclusivity from neither of the parts.

Will Hamilton

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